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西部大開發 Development of the West Regions

可持續性發展 sustainable development

風險投資  risk investment

通貨緊縮  deflation

擴大內需 to expand domestic demand

計算機輔助教學  computer-assisted instruction ( CAI )

網絡空間  cyberspace

虛擬現實 virtual reality

網民  netizen ( net citizen )

電腦犯罪 computer crime

電子商務 the e-business

網上購物 shopping online

應試教育  exam-oriented education

學生減負  to reduce study load

積極的財政政策 pro-active fiscal policy

基本生活費 basic allowance

解除勞動關系 sever labor relation

金融監管責任制 the responsibility system for financial supervision

經濟安全 economic security

擴大國內需求 the expansion of domestic demand

拉動經濟增長 fuel economic growth

糧食倉庫 grain depot

糧食收購企業 grain collection and storage enterprise

糧食收購資金實行封閉運行 closed operation of grain purchase funds

糧食銷售市場 grain sales market

劣質工程 shoddy engineering

亂收費、亂攤派、亂罰款 arbitrary charges,fund-raising,quotas and fines

騙彙、逃彙、套彙 obtain foreign currency under false pretenses, not turn over foreign owed to the government and illegal arbitrage

社會保險機構 social security institution

失業保險金 unemployment insurance benefits

偷稅、騙稅、逃稅、抗稅 tax evasion, tax fraud and refusal to pay taxes

融資渠道 financing channels

外彙收支 foreign exchange revenue and spending

安居工程 housing project for low-income urban residents

信息化 information-based; informationization

智力密集型  concentration of brain power; knowledge-intensive

外資企業  overseas-funded enterprises

下崗職工 laid-off workers

分流 reposition of redundant personnel

三角債 chain debts

素質教育 education for all-round development

豆腐渣工程 jerry-built projects

社會治安情況 law-and-order situation

保險業 the insurance industry

保證重點指出 ensure funding for priority areas

補發拖欠的養老金 clear up pension payments in arrears

層層轉包和違法分包 mutlti-level contracting and illegal subcontracting

城鄉信用社 credit cooperative in both urban and rural areas

城鎮居民最低生活保障 a minimum standard of living for city residents

城鎮職工醫療保障制度 the system of medical insurance for urban workers

出口信貸 export credit

貸款質量五級分類辦法 the five-category assets classification for bank loans

防範和化解金融風險 take precautions against and reduce financial risks

防洪工程 flood-prevention project

非法外彙交易 illegal foreign exchange transaction

非貿易收彙 foreign exchange earnings through nontrade channels

非銀行金融機構 non-bank financial institutions

費改稅 transform administrative fees into taxes

跟蹤審計 follow-up auditing

工程監理制度 the monitoring system for projects

國有資産安全 the safety of state-owned assets

過度開墾 excess reclamation

合同管理制度 the contract system for governing projects





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