the characteristic of legal right合法權力性

  shareholders' congress股東大會

  members of the board of directors董事會成員

  negotiable securities有價證券

  share interest(dividend)股息



  periodical revenue定期收入


  the characteristic of universal circulation普遍流通性

  the characteristic of monetary speculation金融投機性

  the price of stock股票價格

  the characteristic of investment risk投資冒險性

  issue stocks發行股票

  subscribe stocks認購股票

  securities exchange證券交易所



  securities company證券公司

  to raise funds for the enterprise 為企業籌集資金

  to be conducive to the decentralization of proprietary rights 有助於所有權的分散

  to provide a means of equal distribution of social wealth 提供一種平等分配社會財富的手段

  to promote the long-term investment of international funds 促進國際資金的長期投資

  to accelerate the turnover of international capital 加速各國之間資金的周轉

  to further the advancement of world economy and international trade 促進世界經濟和國際貿易的發展

  to coordinate international relations 協調國際經濟關係

  executive director of board 執行董事

  concurrent director of board 兼職董事

  chairman of the board of directors (general director) 董事主席(董事長)

  director manager 董事經理

  permanent director of board 永久董事

  acting director of board代理董事

  ordinary shares (common stock) 普通股

  merit-based shares 優績股

  developmental shares 成長股

  speculative shares 投機股

  preference shares 優先股

  accumulative preference shares 累積優先股

  non- accumulative preference shares非累積優先股

  transferable preference shares 可調換優先股

  accumulative- transferable preference shares 累積調換優先股

  substantial shares 實質股

  craze shares熱門股

  the par value of shares 股票面值

  the net value of shares股票淨值

  the market value of shares 股票市值

  the sum of shares 股份總數

  the money paid for shares 股金

  the serial number of shares 股票編號

  open an account with the stockbroker 開戶

  completion of a business transaction 交割

  transferring ownership 過戶

  liquidation of stocks 股票的清算

  crisscross deal 交叉交易

  selective shares deal 股票選擇交易

  date declare 宣佈日

  date of record 股權登記日

  date payable 派息日

  superior shares 優良股

  buying up 多頭

  short sales (short position) 空頭

  bull market 牛市

  bear market 熊市

  opening price 開盤價

  closing price收盤價

  suspension of business in case of skyrocketing of stock prices 漲停板

  suspension of business in case of slump of stock prices 跌停板

  settlement and compensation 清償

  spot transaction (over-the-counter deal) 現貨交易

  credit deal 信用交易

  forward business (future trades) 期貨交易

  investment trust company 投資信託公司

  petty investors with limited means 小戶投資者

  principal quotation 主要行情

  secondary quotation 次要行情

  routine quotation (blackboard quotation) 日常行情(黑板行情)

  reasonable quotation 合理行情

  irrational quotation不合理行情

  wavering quotation with undercurrent 隱含暗流的徘徊行情




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